Our Story


The successful and blooming business of Melekkis Jewellery originated from humble beginnings, when owner and entrepreneur Georgios Melekkis set out to make his dream come true. In 1977, Georgios Melekkis enrolled to study Horology & jewellery design in Switzerland. Following his graduation he returned to Cyprus and began to make his dreams reality. In 1979 the first Melekkis Store was opened by Georgios and Eva Melekkis in Dheryneia. The combination of Eva’s artistic talents and Georgios’ niche skills enabled them to begin the Melekkis brand by providing unique custom made jewellery.

As their brand rapidly bloomed,  Georgios and Eva develop the Melekkis businesses in order to accommodate the growing demand.

Melekkis jewellery now has 4 flagship stores in Ayia Napa, Limassol, Paralimni and Protaras.

“My inspiration and motivation has always been from my wife Eva, whom without, none of this would have ever been possible.” Georgios Melekkis


Alexandros Melekkis

Following specifically in his father’s footsteps, Alexandros focused his career on horology and was granted his license by Omega. He is also the head buyer of the watch collection available at Melekkis flagship stores, including brands such as Omega, Rado and Tissort. Alexandros believes in innovation and pragmatic solutions.

“My main focus point in life was always to reach my goals. I believe in evolution and development which is why horology will always be my passion.“ 

Panayiotis Melekkis

In 2008, Panayiotis graduated gemology and jewellery design from The GIA Institute, Florence, Italy. Following his graduation, Panayiotis joined the family business and became both a successful jewellery designer, and the main buyer of precious stones and diamonds.  Panayiotis is best known for his Monarchy Collection.

“Having a love for art and vintage jewellery, my inspiration transpires from British, French and Italian history. The Monarchy Collection replicates my travel experiences, and predominately my time in Florence. The Monarch Collection reflects prominent historical powers.”

Stavri Melekki

Stavri graduated gemology and jewellery design in 2003 from The GIA Institute, Vicenza, Italy. Upon her return to Cyprus, Stavri focused her career on jewellery design and is the founder of some of the most famous Melekkis collections.

Stavri is well known for her Olympus Collection, whereby her passion and emotion can truly be reflected in her artwork.

“Feelings, nature and people are my great inspirations for creating pieces of art. Every item of jewellery I design is influenced by emotions, sentiment and individuals.” 


Melekkis looks beyond the ordinary, enabling us to interweave our creativity, heritage and inspiration to create a story behind every piece of jewellery.