Olympus Collection

Project Description

Olympus Collection

Amor Collection

The Amor Collection reflects beauty and love with a combination of delicate pink amethysts surrounding a soft purple rough amethyst stone. Set on white gold base, the Amor Collection was inspired by the original colours of love and affection.

Apollo Collection

Inspired by the ancient god of the sun, this three piece set incorporates yellow citrine, champagne diamonds and 18ct yellow gold, thus truly highlighting golden radiance.

Bacchus Collection

This extraordinary ruby, black diamond and 18ct black gold bangle and ring set combines passion, fire and sophistication with a touch of dissident.

Cupid Collection

Our light winged collection comprises of 18ct rose gold, black diamonds and champagne diamonds creating a desirable set of cherub imagination.

Ceres Collection

Inspired by earth and tranquility, our Ceres collection brings you a subtle combination of polished rough diamonds, 18ct white gold and cognac brown diamonds creating a set of natural elegance.

Diana Collection

Inspired by the Roman goddess of hunting, our number one selling Diana collection speaks for itself. This collection can be designed in black diamonds, white diamonds and champagne diamonds, set on 18ct rose, black or white gold. Create your own combination.

Fama Collection

This striking 18ct yellow gold and diamond set entwines elegance and refinement. Inspired by glamour and power, the Fama Collection is one of Melekkis’ heritage collections.

Hespera Collection

From dusk till dawn, the Hepsera Collection incorporates black diamonds, champagne diamonds and 18ct red gold thus creating a subtle nightfall effect with a hint of sunrise.

Juno Collection

The Juno collection comprises The Melekkis black diamond and emerald range, a new intense and contrasting combination inspired by the influence of great women of the 21st Century.

Jupiter Collection

The Jupiter Collection reflects tranquility, peace and harmony. This set entwines amethyst, yellow sapphire, champagne diamonds and 18ct yellow gold creating subtle and serene elegance.

Lucina Collection

This beautiful collection was inspired by the roman goddess of motherhood. The Lucina collection incorporates white diamonds and gold pearls on a twirl of 18ct yellow gold.

Luna Collection

Inspired by the Goddess of the Moon, the Luna Collection entwines diamonds and gold to surround a single rare and unique Moon stone.

Mars Collection

This exquisite ring and pendent set comprises of rubies, 18ct red gold and champagne diamonds. The detailed artwork and design of The Mars Collection was inspired by power, intensity and fire.

Mercury Collection

The Mercury Collection couples smoky quartz, black diamonds and red gold thus creating a modern and classic combination two piece set.

Minerva Collection

Inspired by the Roman goddess of weaving and crafts, the Minerva collection truly portrays Melekkis Jewelers’ exquisite techniques and abilities. The Minerva Collection entwines originality and uniqueness by combining black diamonds set on 18ct yellow and black gold.

Neptune Collection

This two-piece set comprises of yellow diamonds embedded on a 18ct white gold and sapphire setting. Inspired by the ocean, the Neptune Collection represents peacefulness and serenity.

Pluto Collection

With an array of black diamonds and dazzling white diamonds emended on 18ct black gold, our Pluto collection truly symbolizes statement jewellery.

Saturn Collection

The Saturn Collection was inspired by the Roman god of Harvest and Agriculture.The light earthly colours of purple and green combined with the subtle floral design were chosen to reflect the realms of nature.

The Saturn Collection is created with pink topaz, green tsavorite and 18ct red gold.

Terra Collection

The Terra collection represents the landscapes of nature. Comprising of 18ct black gold, black diamonds and emeralds with a floral twist, the Terra Collection provides a two-piece set of true natural beauty.

Venus Collection

Sparkle with this dazzling set. The Venus Collection has been inspired by love and beauty, a classic combination of 18ct white gold and glimmering white diamonds.